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This carding laptop should only be used for carding purposes, never log in with real profiles like Facebook, Instagram etc.

It is advisable to have an extra laptop or computer for the carding scene, personal data should be backed up separately from illegal data. Different PC, different hard drives etc. This is advisable not only because of the cops, but also if you are infected by someone. So the person who wants to harm you has only your carding data, but not your photos, address, logins etc. So you are only slightly blackmailable, which I hope will not happen.

Encrypt Hard Disk

After you have installed an operating system of your choice, it is essential to encrypt the laptop.

Encryption is the life insurance of every criminal. It makes it much more difficult for the authorities to investigate you, even during a house search, or even makes it impossible in the best case.

Recommended is a password with a length of 30 characters, but usually you can say that the longer it is, the more difficult it will be to crack your encryption.

There is often a discussion about which tool to use for encryption. Since Veracrypt has proven itself and this should still be secure, it is advisable to use this too.

You can download VeraCrypt from here:

You must reply before you can see the hidden data contained here.
Since we want to lock our system, an installation on our operating system is necessary. You can find instructions for a full encryption here:

Install VPN provider

Basic requirements to start safely at all is a VPN membership with one of the known VPN providers. The monthly price is now only about 12 Euro per month.

This has everyone somehow left. 12 Euro is not the world, but our security is! Most people swear by Perfect Privacy (PP since 2008) because this provider does not log according to their own statements, which is supported by the fact that there are no known cases of a bus at PP that can be attributed to the failure of the VPN provider.

Another interesting fact:

At Perfect Privacy the servers run via RAM disks and not via hard disks. Overall, PP also convinces with its always open communication with customers in the website Internal Forum.

You can find PP's website here:

Install the client of Perfect Privacy on your computer.

Once you have done that, you have to test if the DNS leak protection of Perfect Privacy works. You can do this directly on the Perfect Privacy page or here:

You must reply before you can see the hidden data contained here.

Configure browser

The next step is to install the Firefox browser.


It is usually useful to download directly from the manufacturer's site.

After you have installed Firefox, go to the search line above and enter "about:config". There you change the following parameters.

The Manual Explanation:

If you want to surf safely and anonymously with the Firefox browser, you should change something in the Config.

To understand what you are doing, you should read the whole text.

To open the Config, please enter "about:config" and press enter. After that just search for the commands and change them.

Disable Geolocation API :round_pushpin:

With the help of the Geolocation API the geographical position of the surfer can be determined relatively precisely. Depending on the existing hardware in the computer, the WiFis in the vicinity can be used or GPS hardware can be used to determine the location.

In the worst case, the location can only be determined by the IP address. The API is used with Javascript. Current Firefox versions ask before access to the Geolocation API is allowed.

Nevertheless I have a better feeling if you disable it completely. For this you have to set the following variable under "about:config":


:black_medium_small_square: geo.enabled false
:black_medium_small_square: geo.wifi.uri (empty string)
:black_medium_small_square: 1




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