Hack Instagram with Instagram Bruter-force tool by Alisan

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You need to follow some steps , Lets begin...

1.) First, you need to generate a password list using different password generating tools. We recommend to use Cupp tool,if you are not aware about password list generation then Click here

2.) Now you have to follow all steps and have to use all commands over Kali-Linux/Termux terminal. Lets begin......

Copy following commands and paste in your terminal

git clone https://github.com/Pure-L0G1C/Instagram.git

3.) Now enter the downloaded tool folder:-

cd Instagram

4.) To install the toolbar prerequisites, enter the following:-

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

5.) Once the installation is complete, run the original instagram.py file with the -h switch to display the help

python3 instagram.py -h

6.) To crack Instagram, enter the following command

python3 instagram.py username password-list.txt

7.) In the username field, enter the victim's username
In the password-list.txt field, enter the name and address of the list password file to the tool

8.)If you copy the list password tool in your folder, just enter its name

Finally, wait for the passwords to be checked and the result to be displayed
Note: The advantage of this tool is that it does not need a proxy list and is automatically downloaded from online sites.



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